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50% Multiple Boost

How does it work?
The Bonus is calculated on multiple bets with 5 or more selections.

The bonus starts from 5% of the potential winning (for 5 events) and it increases by 5% with each event added to the bet coupon, up to 50%.

The bonus applies to all events with odds starting from 1.20.

Please note that for the bonus calculation, any VOID event will NOT be considered, therefore the actual bonus can be different from the one reported in the coupon.

In order to calculate the actual winnings it is necessary to multiple the potential winning by the bonus multiplier.

More selections you add to your coupon, more bonus you get!

5 5  %
6 10 %
7 15 %
8 20 %
9 25 %
10 30 %
11 35 %
12 40 %
13 45 %
14 50 %

Example: We have chosen the following events and odds:

1. Newcastle Utd - Chelsea- 1.61
2. Manchester City - Norwich- 1.17
3. West Ham - Aston Villa- 2.09
4. Arsenal - Liverpool- 2.18
5. Juventus - Parma- 1.27
6. Real Madrid - Barcelona-   2.32

In total we have selected 6 events, but the bonus will be applied for 5 events (5%) as one of the event Manchester City- Norwich- 1.17 has odds less than 1.20.

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